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Company Philosophy

Each of the Principals at Ironwood has extensive experience in the real estate industry and has an understanding of all aspects of the real estate business. Yet the background of each Principal comes from a specific area of focus within the industry and each principal manages those efforts within the Company.


Ironwood limits the number of transactions it is working on at any time to ensure that every transaction receives the optimum focus and has the highest likelihood of success. Each of the Principals is involved in every Ironwood transaction on a daily basis. All aspects of each project are managed by the Ironwood team, ensuring that they are handled in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Ironwood’s direct, efficient, hands-on approach allows the Company to succeed in a very competitive environment. All decisions are made immediately and directly by the Principals, and the lack of a bureaucratic process allows Ironwood to work more quickly and efficiently then larger development companies. Long-standing relationships and depth of experience within each facet of the business makes Ironwood more effective then smaller development companies.


Ironwood is successful, in part because it invests so many resources into each transaction. The Principals enjoy getting involved at the local level, building relationships with the Township, County and other municipal officials that are involved in the approval process. These relationships are based on a mutual respect, and often turn into long-term friendships.

​​Ironwood will only focus on projects where it can apply its expertise and add tangible value. We focus on every aspect of a project and work to maximize value for everyone involved:

  • Below-market acquisitions by identifying off-market, distressed sites and/or difficult assemblages

  • Resolution of physical issues such as environmental contamination, traffic congestion and site conditions

  • Identifying common ground to facilitate permitting for contentious projects

  • Construction savings from design efficiency and lower cost solutions

  • Increased income from design efficiency and market comparable knowledge

  • Financing savings from broad lender relationship pool, creative financing and track record of success

  • Identifying and securing “alternative financing” from public and private sectors

  • Cost savings from project professionals that discount to achieve higher volume clients

  • First-class construction and operations to retain value over time for the occupants, investors, municipalities and neighbors

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