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Nest Home Decor - Wayne, PA 

209 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, Pennsylvania


Ironwood purchased an existing 9,000 square foot building in Radnor Township. This building was in total disrepair, leading to the loss of most of the existing tenants. The only existing tenant was a Dry Cleaner, this led to the partners to search for a new tenant who could take over the entire building. After searching for an appropriate tenant they came across, Nest Home Decor.


Nest Home Decor, is a local home decorating and furnishing store with only one other location, in Collegeville, PA. The partners met with the CEO and owner of Nest Home Decor and together they worked in placing the store in their building, ultimately finding themselves the perfect tenant. 


IPG renovated the building, re-tenanted and stabilized the building. The team powered through different development challenges, such as; coordinating construction during the Covid-19 pandemic, a time when global supply-side issues caused major disruptions in sourcing and pricing across the construction industry.

Below is attached some photos of the renovation and final product: 

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