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“I really enjoy working with the people at Ironwood. Even during an extremely negative economic environment, we wearable to focus on gheissuesand get projects approved and completed. I look forward to working with them again"

-Roy Perez-Daple, Se3nior Real Estate Manager, Lowe's Companies


"Ironwood was able to deliver a store to us on a site that we did not think could be developed. I have confidence in their team and would welcome the opportunity to work with them on other projects."

-Todd S. Robinson, Director, Real Estate, Giant Food Stores, LLC


"Ironwood is breaking ground on new projects when the rest of the Industry seems to be on hold. We worked hard to earn their business and now have a great working relationship that helps both of our firms become more efficient and more profitable." 

-Scott B. Haines, President, The H&K Group 

"I have known the principals at Ironwood for a long time and am happy to be able tp work with them on new projects. Ironwood brings our team in early in the process, which benefits everyone and ultimately creates a much better finished project." 

-Anthony Santora, President, A&E Construction, Inc. 

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"I have worked with the principals from Ironwood from the time I started working in the real estate industry. I enjoy working with them and consider them of the most qualified developers in our region." 

-Glenn Marvin, Partner, Metro Commercial Real Estate

"I have known the principals at Iron wood personally and professionally for more than twenty years. Our firm has worked with them on a range of transactions-- from small single tenant deals to major multi-tenant projects and they have always performed extremely well."

-Jeffrey S. Cohen, Partner, CBRE


"Bank of America recently provided construction financing fora significant commercial project where Ironwood is a joint venture partner. They have met or exceeded all of their obligations and we are pleased to have them ad a bank customer."

-David S. Ross, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

"I have worked with the principals from Ironwood for many years. They have always been extremely responsive and have never left any unpaid loan balance-- even in very difficult economic times."

-Patrick J. Morris, Executive Vice President, Republic First Bank

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State / County Municipal

“Ironwood was able to come up with a creative solution to resolve existing infrastructure issues 

that prevented an underutilized site from being developed for many years. My office and I worked directly with them to execute the project, and we ended up with a win for everyone involved. I look forward to working with them on any new projects they have in my district.” 

-Michael A. O'Pake Senator 11th District, Senate of Pennsylvania


“The Department of Community and Economic Development provided financing for one of Ironwood’s major Pennsylvania commercial projects. The result is a success for everyone involved.”

- Dorothy "Dee" Kaplan Deputy Secretary for Business Assistance, Dept of Community & Economic Development


“I have a lot of respect for the Ironwood team. I was originally opposed to their request for public
assistance related to a project they pursued in my County, but they were able to convince me that their request was warranted. I ultimately supported the project and continue to feel confident in my decision – especially after seeing the finished project.” 

-Mark C. Scott, Esquire, Chairman Berks County Commissioners 

Township Municipal

“I worked directly with the principals at Ironwood over a long period of time to make sure the project they proposed would work for our Township. Ironwood made significantcommitments to our Board and has backed them up each time. It was truly a pleasure working with them!”

-Judy Romig, Vice Chairwoman Tilden Township Board of Supervisors 

“Ironwood approached our Township regarding a project that had been unsuccessfully attempted many times over a 10-year period. They worked tirelessly to resolve all of the issues raised by the Township and our residents. Even the people that originally objected now call to voice their support for the finished project. Ironwood delivers!"

-Cheryl Franckowiak, Zoning Officer, Exeter Township


"I worked with the principals at Ironwood to secure what was then the largest award from one of Pennsylvania's most significant infrastructure programs. They successfully coordinated at all levels --Township, County and State including many economy groups and business leaders in the region-- to obtain the funds for the project." 

-Thomas C. McKeon, Executive Director, Berks County Industrial Development Corporation

"Ironwood approaches their project differently then most developers that I have worked with. They understand the environmental impact of their projects and worked with our office to implement many of the measures that we suggested to minimize the impact of their projects on the environment. The ultimately exspedites the process and results in a better project." 

-Bryon S. Ruhl, E&SPC Specialist.

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